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Submissive escorts are one of the most demanded services nowadays, who doesn’t like a beautiful, soft, delicate woman who lets us have a good time? But it is sometimes difficult to find ones that really offer a quality service and that are not simple prostitutes, the escort service has been quite stained by people with little experience and few intentions to offer a good quality time.

If you are tired of searching and searching for submissive escorts in London that fulfill all your sexual fantasies and are not just pretending to be experienced call girls, then this article is for you. We are going to show you a few of the beauties at Theory Love Escort that can help you reach heaven with a little bit of their magic.


Axelle is an exotic woman, if you are looking for a girl out of the common London stereotypes this is definitely the woman. She has long slender legs that are made for you to stare at while you’re from behind and bountiful breasts that definitely look good bouncing. As you get to know her you will realize that she is an ordinary girl, but with a great taste for roleplay and sensual massages that end in her domination.


If you are looking for a bdsm london escort Panamescorte 93, Jessica has everything you need. She is a well endowed woman with nice curves, long smooth legs, and definitely tits that will make you not take your eyes off her at any time. She loves to roleplay in her schoolgirl costume so you can spank them for doing their homework wrong or not obeying the teacher’s orders. She likes to sit on your lap and dance on your lap as long as you let her or order her to.

She is a woman who provides excellent company, but waits for the slightest carelessness so that you can undress her and do with her what you wish. She may be submissive, but she enjoys sex very much.


Deizy is a very petite girl, you will notice it as soon as you see her in person. This petite petite girl is a delight for guys looking for big tits and big ass in a small and manageable body. She has a plethora of costumes ranging from schoolgirl, nurse, secretary, leather, latex and if in possibility, one customized to your liking. She loves roleplay and having you use toys on her while you dominate her in bed. She may seem very playful but she is a girl who will obey all your orders to the letter and is willing to film if you have a mask for her. Do you want an experience that will leave you asking for more? Then Deizy is your choice.

Her coppery blonde hair and angelic face is all you’ll want to see once you try her.


If you’re looking for a mature woman who still has everything you need in a woman like a shapely body, big tits and a tight ass that you can see and spank, then Isabella is for you. She is small in stature and small in build, ideal for anyone who wants to handle the girl as they please without any problems, and lucky for whoever hires her: Isabella is very flexible. She is willing to sit on your face if you need it and give you erotic massages on all the parts of your body you want.

She is known for her schoolgirl uniform and her roleplay that will take you to be a college professor with her rebellious or studious student. Don’t stop pleasuring yourself with her, she is one of the most requested submissive london escorts of all Theory Love Escort.


Aisha is one of the most elegant girls you will ever meet in your life, she is a beautiful woman who has every chance to win you over with her looks and her tender personality. She looks tough, but she really is a girl who enjoys being subdued and having her wrists cuffed. Among her services you can find the use of sex toys and she is an expert in nursing and secretarial roleplay. She is a girl you will definitely have a good time with and much more if you enjoy body to body massages with some oil inside and a somewhat shy woman looking you in the eyes. Sound like a good plan for you?

Whichever girl you choose to have an afternoon of consensual BDSM where you can both enjoy domination and submission, it is important that you contact Theory Love Escorts, where you will find them and many more girls willing to give you the time of your life and with the best services. Moreover, all these girls described in the article have their qualities explained above, they still have a lot more to offer you. So if you already have your eye on one of them, don’t hesitate to look for her on our website and schedule an appointment.

Remember that if you require a specific type of service not shown in the escort’s service box, you can talk to the scheduler to determine if the girl is willing to explore or try what you say, do not try to do anything that has not been previously agreed with the escort and remember that for the protection of both, it is always important to use protection without any exception or higher amount. For enjoyment you should also have a few rules.

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